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Coalition Dedicated to Improving Patient Transitions and Care Attains New Organizational Status

Posted on 2/29/2012 by NTOCC ® in Press Releases

National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC) Becomes 501(c)(4) Organization

Little Rock, AR- February 15, 2012- The National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC), an organization dedicated to improving patient transitions through the healthcare system, has announced its formal incorporation as 501(c)(4) organization. The Coalition was founded in 2006 as a partnership between the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) and Sanofi U.S. Last year, the two founders, along with the 32 members of NTOCC’s Advisory Task Force, elected to establish NTOCC as an independent, membership-based organization.

The collective challenges associated with patient movement from one level of care to another are considered one of the largest gaps in healthcare today, and the Coalition’s incorporation will facilitate its commitment to closing that gap.   As NTOCC President John Spinnato explained, “The establishment of an independent NTOCC fully incorporated as its own organization will allow us to build upon the impressive and successful body of work established in the past six years, increase participation within the Coalition and push forward substantial changes in our healthcare delivery, improving transitions of care for all patients.”

As part of the transition, NTOCC has established a Board of Directors to oversee the direction of the Coalition.  The existing members of the Advisory Task Force, which have provided guidance, support, awareness and development for NTOCC since its founding, will remain part of the Coalition.  This group will be known as the Advisors Council and will continue to provide professional input on NTOCC developed solutions while raising awareness of transition of care challenges and NTOCC activities.

NTOCC will establish a separate Partners Council for invited organizations who wish to provide input on strategic direction, network with NTOCC members and financially support the NTOCC mission.  Companies and organizations can continue to join NTOCC as Associate Members, and individuals as Subscriber Members, free of charge.

“NTOCC has been very successful in raising awareness of the dramatic impact poor transitions have on patient safety, quality care and the costs of care delivery; as well as providing tools, resources and information to help improve transitions,” said Cheri Lattimer, RN, BSN, NTOCC Executive Director.  “In fact, the Coalition has been so successful we felt it necessary to expand the capabilities of the organization to continue pushing forward in addressing transitions of care and providing the best tools and information possible.”

In addition to the 32 professional societies, standard bodies, government agencies and private companies that make up the Advisors Council, NTOCC has grown since 2006 to include 450 companies as Associate Members and over 3,200 individual information subscribers.

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About the National Transition of Care Coalition

The National Transitions of Care Coalition is a 501(c)(4) dedicated to addressing a serious U.S. health care issue: filling the gaps that occur when patients leave one care setting and move to another care setting.  These transitions include patients moving from primary care to specialty physicians; moving or transferring patients from the emergency department to intensive care or surgery; or when patients are discharged from the hospital to home, assisted living arrangements, or skilled nursing facilities.  The U.S. health care system often fails to meet the needs of patients during these transitions because care is rushed and responsibility is fragmented, with little communication across care settings and multiple providers.