Health IT Innovations Task Force

The National Transitions of Care Coalition (NTOCC) established the Healthcare IT Innovations Task Force to bring together healthcare technology thought leaders who offer new, innovative or emerging solutions for care transitions challenges.  NTOCC and Task Force members work toward the shared vision of advancing transitions of care (TOC) issues and improving patient outcomes and care quality.

The Task Force is envisioned to be a complementary and diverse group of technology companies focused on exploring the possibilities of healthcare IT – and how forward-thinking solutions can be brought to bear in addressing current and future gaps in patient transitions of care. Task Force members work on projects assigned by the NTOCC Board of Directors and the Health Information Technology (HIT) Work Group. They also have opportunities to network with other NTOCC community participants and share information on their particular commercial solutions within NTOCC venues.

For additional information on the Health IT Innovations Task Force, contact:

Cheri Lattimer