Advisors Council

The NTOCC Advisors Council consists of over 30 organizations representing industry professionals, patients, caregivers, thought leaders, policy makers and regulators. NTOCC invited each of these organizations to guide the coalition's work by discussing challenges associated with Transitions of Care, crafting solutions and providing the information essential to improve patient transitions. Since 2006, this group has sought to develop significant tools and resources that all participants in health care — patients, care givers, employers, professionals and policy makers — can use to improve patient safety and decrease errors associated with poor transitions.

The Advisors Council meets regularly to engage in dialogue and continue developing mechanisms for advancing patient safety. They advise the NTOCC Board of Directors on critical initiatives and ensure effective communication of NTOCC resources through their combined networks reaching over 11,000 employers, 200,000 health care professionals and three million patients. Working with the NTOCC Partners Council, they design, develop and implement solutions which improve Transitions of Care throughout the health care system. NTOCC is honored to be working closely with industry-leading companies and thought leaders in the health care industry. The list of Participating Organizations is listed below. 

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